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We are dedicated to providing our clients with quality, personalized legal service and planning tools throughout any stage of life. From buying a home, expanding your family, starting your own business, selling the farm, reaching retirement, or transitioning from child to caregiver, we are here for you. Let us provide you with the legal advice and tools needed to move forward with confidence.



Estate Planning, Estate Settlement, Elder Law, Real Estate, Title Work, Business, Agricultural Law and more.

Fischer Groen Law and Groen Title Co. are here to serve you. Legal advice is not "one-size fits all" and we ensure each client receives the legal guidance that works for their life. 


Whether it's a purchase agreement, simple Will, title examination or settling the estate or trust estate of a loved one, let us help you navigate the complex processes of the Minnesota legal system with experienced, personalized advice.  

Call or click here to request an appointment or schedule your closing at one of our offices!

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